"Working with Alex has been awesome! I came to him for help building healthier shoulders and knees. As a professional stunt woman and athlete, maintaining a healthy, functional body is one of my top priorities! With Alex, I’m grateful to have found a trainer who not only understands the demands of my job but also loves searching for extremely functional and creative ways to build strength and stability that are specific to me and my career. Alex is a passionate and qualified trainer who does his homework. He obviously really enjoys working with his clients and it shows. 10/10 would recommend!” -Michelle Smith, Vancouver, B.C.

"During the past year, several of my friends suffered from severe health issues with one passing away suddenly, a few diagnosed with cancer and another given only 10% chance of survival. This really woke me up and I realized I had to put my health as a top priority. I met Alex 6 months ago and he's been the reason why I am now 4 sizes smaller and much healthier. He has been instrumental in getting me to enjoy exercising. Alex is intuitive and knows when he needs to push me and when to pull back. He's knows how to connect my mind, body and soul and keep them in balance. He's personable and easy to get along with. He's empowered me and makes me believe that age is not a limit. I have been surprised and amazed at what I can physically do. Alex has taken some of my doubts and made me a believer. He's made me more confident and shows me how to think outside of the box. He has definitely been supportive in making me a better person. I owe a lot to him since he's inspired me to change my lifestyle and put myself as a priority for a change. His positive energy and attitude is infectious. I am so grateful to have Alex in my life." -Cynthia H., Vancouver, B.C.

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